Yadah Birthday Bash !

by - 5/26/2013 03:34:00 PM

Salam and hello people!! Did you know that Yadah is another year older?? So, in conjunction of Yadah Birthday, there was a party to be celebrate,, that is Yadah Birthday Bash Party... Luckily,  I got an invitation to attend Yadah Birthday Bash Party at Sasa Cheras Leisure Mall. That sound great right, because yadah is one of my new favourite.. remember about my previous post?   Yet, this is my first invitation to attend this such awesome event.. Thanks to Ruby for sending me the invitation. Since this is my first event, I'm kinda nervous but excited to go.

I arrived a litte bit early and I thought I was alone, but I got to know others sporting mummy bloggers there..   From there I learned how to interact with other people since I'm new. I also got to meet Blogger Sabrina but I'm shy to talk to her ;) I don't how to described the party, let's the pictures show..

 here's is some info about Yadah and the activities conducted!!

✛ Biodata of Yadah ✛
Her Birthday: May 3
Her Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Her Character: Brilliant girl. Witty and Optimistic. Strong and Loyal.

✛ Fun Activities ✛

✿ Celebrate birthday with Yadah!
✿ Cake-cutting celebration
✿ Get-to-know Yadah personally!
✿ Hanbok fitting session + Instax photo booth by Monohue Studio
✿ Manicure session by Snips Salon
✿ Cupcakes & goodies bag for first 100 guests!
✿ Special appearances by @ddols
✿ Performances by @ddols

I am so happy to be part of the guest.. thanks for the invitation. I'm so happy to get involved in the party.. And gor Yadah, Happy Birhday..  Keep producing good and awesome products for the teens especially.. And, I wish for you success in the future.. Love U. !! * dont forget me for the next party !

Contact Yadah Malaysia via :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/YadahMalaysia
Email :  enquiries@stageasiacosmetics.com

To purchase Yadah product online, visit Hermo.my, Zalora Malaysia and HiShop Malaysia.

And lastly, thank you for the goodies..

 thanks :)

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7 comment(s)

  1. wahhh!!! bestnya boleh gi events!! muja ada la jugak dapt invitations and muja still cannot go sampai sekarang,, :'(

    1. mmg best time yadah birthday party.. :) it's okay, nanti kalau muja ada mase, boleh pergi event2 yang lain.

  2. Wah, so cute! Looks like a fun party. I couldn't go because I had other appointments on that day T__T

    1. Yup, it was really fun there.. maybe you can go for the next yadah birthday party... :)

  3. i'm sure you had so much fun there! Yadah is an excellent brand, I've been using their products for nearly half a year and it never fails me ^_^

    1. really have fun there.. i'm also started using Yadah's product. Excited to see the result then..

  4. Sabrina yang mana ya? I was there too! <3


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