Loreal Paris Suprise Box

by - 6/22/2013 11:42:00 AM

Salam and hello people :)

I love suprise and I'm pretty sure that everyone loves suprise ! *I mean good suprise..  Last week, what I got was Loreal Paris box. How can I got this???  I don't know how and why I could get this box, but I am very happy to received it. For sure, it was very heavy and well packaged. I am so excited to open it. so, let's see what inside this box.

what I got in this white-heavy box :

1. Loreal Paris HydraFresh Gel Foam
2. Loreal Paris HydraFoam Toning Water
3. Loreal Paris Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo
4. Loreal Paris Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner
5.Loreal Paris Lucent Magique BB Cream
6. Loreal Paris Gentle Lip and Eye make-up Remover
7. Loreal Paris Eye Shadow
8. Loreal Paris Double Extension Curl

Actually, I never use or try any Loreal Paris products before this, and even my mother. ;) 
So, if you guys had tried it before or have some info regarding to the products, and want to share it with me, don't hesitate leave a drop of comments in the comment box below. *you know, sharing is caring. I love to hear that from you.

Thank you

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  1. wow so nice..first time dropping by your blog...do visit mine too... cindysplanet.com

    1. First at all, welcome here..
      Already visit your blog..
      You have a nice blog!!

  2. how u got this? I want to get this too! I love all the products here!

    1. Actually, I don't remember how I got this..
      I also love all the products :)


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