Sometimes, it worth.

Assalamualaikum and hi.

Basically, everyone have their on plan what to do today , tomorrow and so on. Especially for those who are waiting for their SPM results. Same as me. But, I don't what to do. I don't do part-time or full-time job. So sad!! I already apply for job vacancies, such as kindergarten teacher, clerk and more, but I didn't get any answers from them.

When I got through my Facebook, I get jealous with my friends. It seems everyone is working so hard on what they were doing. But me?? But I know, one day, I will get into my part. It's all about time, effort and fate. 

Maybe, I should doing something useful although in my room. Yes, anything can happen, right?

Be patient and everything is setteled.

Thanks for reading :)

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