Yadah Birthday Bash !

Salam and hello people!! Did you know that Yadah is another year older?? So, in conjunction of Yadah Birthday, there was a party to be celebrate,, that is Yadah Birthday Bash Party... Luckily,  I got an invitation to attend Yadah Birthday Bash Party at Sasa Cheras Leisure Mall. That sound great right, because yadah is one of my new favourite.. remember about my previous post?   Yet, this is my first invitation to attend this such awesome event.. Thanks to Ruby for sending me the invitation. Since this is my first event, I'm kinda nervous but excited to go.

I arrived a litte bit early and I thought I was alone, but I got to know others sporting mummy bloggers there..   From there I learned how to interact with other people since I'm new. I also got to meet Blogger Sabrina but I'm shy to talk to her ;) I don't how to described the party, let's the pictures show..

 here's is some info about Yadah and the activities conducted!!

✛ Biodata of Yadah ✛
Her Birthday: May 3
Her Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Her Character: Brilliant girl. Witty and Optimistic. Strong and Loyal.

✛ Fun Activities ✛

✿ Celebrate birthday with Yadah!
✿ Cake-cutting celebration
✿ Get-to-know Yadah personally!
✿ Hanbok fitting session + Instax photo booth by Monohue Studio
✿ Manicure session by Snips Salon
✿ Cupcakes & goodies bag for first 100 guests!
✿ Special appearances by @ddols
✿ Performances by @ddols

I am so happy to be part of the guest.. thanks for the invitation. I'm so happy to get involved in the party.. And gor Yadah, Happy Birhday..  Keep producing good and awesome products for the teens especially.. And, I wish for you success in the future.. Love U. !! * dont forget me for the next party !

Contact Yadah Malaysia via :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/YadahMalaysia
Email :  enquiries@stageasiacosmetics.com

To purchase Yadah product online, visit Hermo.my, Zalora Malaysia and HiShop Malaysia.

And lastly, thank you for the goodies..

 thanks :)

Yadah, my new favourite !

Salam and hello


Lately, I have been read a lot of reviews about Yadah's products. And all of them are awesome. So, today, I would like to write a little bit about Yadah skincare products and also post my yadah's wishlists that I really want to have in the future !!

YADAH is a specially formulated skincare designed for teenagers and young adults as this particular age range have younger and more tender skin which makes them more vulnerable to the harsh chemical found in many other brands.  As YADAH products are very gentle, they are suitable for all ages and all skin types.
YADAH products are 100% free from artificial coloring, mineral oils, sulphates & animal extracts.

Every basic skincare product is based on extracts of organic Opuntia ficus (Cactus plant) and natural vegetable property as well, it improves skin problems effectively.
The Korean native opuntia (Cactus plant) has so strong life force as to live in the winter open place under -20°C. The extracts from this opuntia have antioxidization and so help obstruct formation of lipoperoxide and slow down aging of the skin. 
This opuntia contains more flavonoids, dietary fiber, calcium, vitamine C, amino acid, inorganic matters, saponine and amino acid complex polysaccharide than other plants.
Flavonoid, especially, as it has anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties, is highly good for atopy treatment. 

So, here's my favourite !!

1. Yadah Anti-Trouble Bubble Cleanser 150ml
 Yadah’s best seller with 99.9% natural ingredients including Opuntia Ficus to gently wash away impurities, excess sebum and makeup without stripping off the skin’s natural moisture. Luxurious high density foaming bubble texture delicately but effectively deep cleanses thoroughly into pores. Skin feels comfortably refreshed and soft after cleansing, never tight, pulled or parched. Suitable for all skin types even sensitive ones. 
Retail : RM 49.00

2. Yadah Collagen Ampoule 30ml
Highly concentrated deep sea marine collagen penetrates deep into the epidermis to activate collagen synthesis and help repair damaged cells, enhance skin elasticity and promote skin firmness. Potent anti-oxidant vegetable growth cells protect against free radicals to strengthen skin immunity with sodium hyaluronate to boost skin hydration. Suitable for all skin types. Can be used before a serum or moisturiser after cleanser and toner.
Retail : RM 65.00

3.  Yadah Lip Tint Balm (4.5g) - 02 Shiny Peach
Uniquely formulated with a melting gel complex ingredient which dissolves under human body temperature to keep lips naturally soft and hydrated. Enriched with cupuacu butter, shea butter, sunflower seed oil and jojoba oil which act as natural lip conditioners in combination with tomato, gromwell and moroheiya for its natural colour pigments. Dry lips are now a thing of the past.
Retail : RM 25.00

4.  Yadah Vitamin Emulsion 80ml
 Vitamin Emulsion helps restore skin radiance and luminosity for all skin types. Contains vitamins, anti-oxidants and Opuntia Ficus to refresh, tone and brighten skin naturally. Perks up tired skin and erases signs of fatigue. Provides hydration in a matte shine-free texture leaving skin feeling fresh, soft and moisturised.
Retail : RM 49.00 

5. Yadah Vitamin Toner 80ml 
Vitamin Toner in a gel form helps restore skin radiance and luminosity for all skin types. Contains vitamins, anti-oxidants and Opuntia Ficus to refresh, tone and brighten skin naturally. Perks up tired skin and erases signs of fatigue for a more youthful appearance.
Retail : RM 49
All the products look awesome, make me to try all of them. Hopefully I can.. If I manage to get it, I also will made a review after I tried the products.. And lastly, I hope it is not too late for me to wish ....


Thank you :)

Avene Cleanance Gel Review

Assalamualaikum and hello.


Today I'm going to review the Avene Cleanance Gel which I got from Only Beauty!!
Avene is a french skincare company who's products contain Avene Thermal Spring Water which is clinically proven to soothe sensitive skin. Although the products are perfect for sensitive skin you don't have to have sensitive skin to use them as they produce products for all skin types, my skin is oily and prone to breakouts and the Cleanance Gel is for oily, blemish prone skin so it's perfect for me.

This is the first time I using this cleanser. But, it worked really well on my skin too.  It is a gel-based face wash which effectively removes dirt from face without making it dry. In fact after using this face wash for the first time, I felt that my skin was clean of all dirt and impurities.
  It's a foaming cleanser which I always find nice because having oily skin makes my face feel dirty and I like to use something that foams as it makes my skin feel clean.

Product Description:

·         Avène Thermal Spring Water – Soothing, anti-irritating and anti-inflammatory.
·         Zinc Gluconate – Anti-inflammatory.
·         Cucurbita Pepo – Regulates sebum secretion.
·         CTAB (Cetrimonium Bromide) – Anti-bacterial.
·         Oily skin.
·         Acne-prone skin.
·         Skin which is on acne treatment.

·         Deep cleansing action purifies without stripping the skin.
·         pH 7.2 respects the skin’s natural balance, inimizing the trigger of excess sebum production.
·         Soap-free.
·         Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

Has anyone else used the Avene Cleanance Gel cleanser? If so what did you think?

Let me know !

Rating: 4 ❤❤❤❤❤