HiShop 1st Experience

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My purchase plus free sample plus vouchers..

 Snapshots again :) 

Salam and hello people. :)  This is my first time purchasing at HiShop. So I wanna to share my experience here. Remember the post that I making my wishlist for Yadah products??? If not, you can refer here. So, I decided to purchase one of the Yadah's product here that is Bubble Deep Cleanser. One reason why I really want to make a purchase at HiShop is because I got vouher RM 25 off from Princess NeverlandThanks dear!! but also I need a new facial cleanser for my cleansing duty..

However, I have to limit my budget coz I am going to save some money to pursue my study next month. Need to spend below than RM 50 although I know if purchase RM 50 and above, the delivery will be free.. So, need to pay extra RM 10 for my delivery cost.
But, this time I only can redeem only 2 free sample.. because before this we can redeem up to 3 sample.. but, it's still okay for me.. This time, I used COD payment method.. no enough money at bank.!!

What I loved most is their packaging.. so pink!!! the products also were in good condition.. bubble wrap for the cleanser.. you can see from the pictures.. Not only that,, I also got some vouchers.. really generous..!! my invoice was include with my purchase, so no worries!! Besides, Yadah Bubble deep cleanser, I also purchase Ronasutra NBR sponge for sensitive skin. For free sample, I choose Nature & Co products. :)
Ronasutra NBR Sponge for Sensitive Skin
Overall, I really satisfied with the excellent service provided.. Will make my second purchase soon.. I also recommend you all to buy from them.. :)


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