Inspired Floral Blazer

Salam and hello people !

1.Printed Jacquard Cardigan, Zara. 2. Pique Floral Blazer, Zara. 3. Pink and White Floral Blazer, NewLook. 4. ASOS Floral Print Blazer, ASOS. 5. Outerwear, Shea Rasol. 6. Elyse Floral Print Blazer, ShopBop.

Lately, I found my new fashion addiction. The Floral Blazer/Cardigan!! I really love this type of blazer now. This blazer is perfect to match with plain dress or plain outfit. It also can make the owner look very elegant. For me, I love how blogger Shea Rasol styled with her floral blazer. I really inspired by her. Making the blazer as an outerwear is really great. We also can do an experiment on how to style with floral blazer/cardigan. You can google to view on how you can style with this blazer. I also think that floral blazer is very gorgeous to wear at any events.
This floral blazer is an item I must-have in the future.
So ladies, have you been wearing floral jackets/blazers? How do you wear them? Do you keep it safe by wearing it with solid colored pieces or do you mix it up with other prints? 
Don't hesitate to share with me :)

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