Review : Yadah Nose Pack

Today, I am going to review about this product. Yadah Nose Pack. Well, this is not my first time using nose pack. Actually, nose pask is one of the solution to 'clean' the nose although the result is for the short-time. :) At first, I have a problem to apply this, but, after I read the instruction behind the pack, it became easier. *different products have different ways to be applied.. 

Instruction on how to use it :
1.Wet nose. The strip won't stick if skin is dry .
2.Dry hands and peel the strip off the plastic liner.
3.Apply strip immediately.
4.Let dry for about 10 to 15minutes until it stiffen.
5.Remove the strip

But, I don't like the smell produced when I opened the pack. By the way, the strip is okay. The strip fit my nose perfectly. The result?? I won't show the result of the nose pack.. *might be digusting..
 Well, what I can say is it can 'clean my nose' some of the black and whitehead is removed after I took off the strip. My nose feel better and clean after that.. This Yadah Nose Pack is worth to try out. :)
Thanks :) 

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