#Sigma# Brush Function: Eye Liner

Today’s ‘brush function’ post is putting the spotlight on eye liner brushes. Creating the perfect line involves precision and accuracy and Sigma’s selection does exactly that. Keep reading to learn about our various eye liner brushes and find just the one you need to create that classic cat eye or a daring double wing!
  • E05 – Eye Liner: Fine-tipped and tapered, the E05 is the standard eye liner brush for creating thin and precise lines and works best with gel or liquid liners
  • E10 – Small Eye Liner: Slightly smaller than the E05, the E10 has an ultra thin and precise tip for producing small and detailed lines when working with gel or liquid liner.
  • E15 – Flat Definer: The flat, sharp edge of this brush is best for pressing product along upper and lower lash lines to create an easy thin liner and works with gel, liquid or powder products.
  • E20 – Short Shader: Blending out liner for a smudged look is simple with the E20′s soft and short bristles.
  • E65 – Small Angle: The E65 brush has an angled, thin and firm head that can be used to apply gel, liquid, or powder liner to create a perfect cat eye. *Best-seller!
  • Performance Eyes Kit: A truly unique kit for advanced makeup artistry, each of the eight brushes in the kit (many of which are ideal for eye liner), have a specific use to create the most detailed eye designs!
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What is your favorite Sigma brush for applying eye liner? Don't hesitate to leave your comments, :)

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