Wishlist Wednesday #1

Salam and hello people !! Today is Wednesday and it's time for Wishlist Wednesday. And this is the first one. And sorry, it was not about beauty. This is Fujifilm Instax 8 Palaroid camera. Actually, Fujilim has a lot range of this type of camera and even better version, but I really love this model. and of course, I choose pink. :)  For me, the instax camera is different with other digital cameras. I love the picture produced, and it hold different memories for the owner.  We also can use different type of film such as hello kitty.. I only have one picture with instax camera which is at Yadah's birthday party, and I really love that picture. I wish to have more palaroid pictures and paste them on my study table's wall. 
I'm gonna save my money and buy this instax camera in the future :)
pictures can hold memories but it can sometimes show something wotrh waiting for

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