Free chocolate + RM 2,000 cash = Joy!

Salam and hello people !

There are a lot of things that give us joy in life.

It could be something fun like planning for holidays, laughing over a good joke, not facing traffic jams on the road, or even something as simple as the smiles of your loved ones. And one of the things that everyone loves is… CHOCOLATE!
So when is the best time to grab a bite? During rush hour, when you’re stuck in a jam of course! Cadbury knows how badly we all need to de-stress in times like that, so they’ve come up with an uber cool way to turn our frowns into smiles – introducing the fabulously purple Cadbury Joy Truck!


The Joy Truck goes to congested areas during rush hours to give out free chocolate to the cranky commuters stuck there!


Guess what, the Joy Truck also entertains you with the real dancers busting a move! Now that’ll put a smile on everyone’s face!

But wait, free Cadbury chocolate and chirpy dancers in the Joy Truck are only the beginning of Cadbury’s mission to spread joy! That’s right, today could be your lucky day because Cadbury is giving out CASH PRIZES too, for two weeks in a row!
How much are we talking about? Check out the prize list below:

1st Prize – RM2,000
2nd Prize – RM1,500
3rd Prize – RM1,000

Hunting down the purple Cadbury Joy Truck without any directions can be very difficult, but fret not as we managed to sneak out the list of locations and appearance times for the Joy Truck!


For more infos and how to participate in this contest, please click here.

Enjoy your joyful days!!

Missha *The Style Two-In-One Gel Liner


Salam and hello people. Just a short update about this product form Missha. How I really fell in love with these!! OMG :)

Perfect Gel Type Eyeliner to Create Sexy Cat eyes 
Waterproof Colour Gel Type Eyeliner
It Creates clear eye lines through Double Gelling System, leaving soft feeling

Easy To Draw
It helps to draw clean and clear line along the eyelid with its high blackness

Free from Smudging!

1) Harmony of clear deep eyeliner color and under-eyeliner color with gorgeous 3D pearls
Dark deep liner color makes your eyes deeper and more vivid while under-eyeliner color makes your beauty line around eyes, making your eyes gorgeous with solid look.

2) Soft touch and perfect fitting
With creamy texture, it slides on the dehydrated eyes without irritations to create sleek and clear eyelines. It is easy to control thickness and shape of eyeline.
* After applied, it fits perfectly and provides a long-lasting benefit without feathering or smudge.

3) Powerful waterproof benefit
It creates clear eyeline even against water with a power-waterproof benefit and enables you to keep long-lasting eyelines in waterside. 

Grape Seed Oil
It helps sensitive eye area relieve

Longer Lasting Powder
It absorbs sebum and oil and it keeps your eye makeup clean against water and sweat with its water proof property.

How To Use
Trace a line along the eyelid as if filling the inner edge of eyelid with eyeliner brush.

I am looking forward for #02 Cacao Star shade. Want to make a try and also review. See you soon. 

With love,

Islamic Fashion Festival @ PWTC

When people think of fashion, they don't immediately think of beautiful, modest, covered up clothing. That's when the Islamic Fashion Festival comes to play and suprises the fashion world by showcasing designs that are not only stunning but creative, modern and modest at the same time! The Malaysian Islamic Fashion Festival was held recently in Kuala Lumpur (PWTC) and it turned out to be a real head turner.

And, what a surprise that I got an invitation to attend the IFF 2013 at PWTC. Seriously, I never expected. Anyway, thanks to Sunsilk Malaysia for the exclusive invitation :) I attend for the IFF Charity Brunch with Malaysian Artistes Sports Club. Indeed, this is the first time I attend for the Fashion Runway.

Actually, I don't know what to write, but I have some pictures to share. Some are mine and some of them are credicted to the respective owners. I only took pictures with my phone camera, still saving to buy my new camera. hihihi.

my invitation card.. So big :)

The scene in the hall.

The decoration at my table. So romantic babe!

What I eat during the event :)

I feeling so excited in the Tun Hussein Onn Hall. You know, this is the first one. Excited to see the decorations, the people, the fashion runway and also the food. I love eating..
The theme for this Islamic Fashion Festival is Discover The Beauty of Modesty. So, how's the fashion will look like?? Here's the pictures,

The designers that showed their designs are Tom Abang Saufi, Yin Ping, Aktif Bestari, Alia Bastamam, Roslan Wilkinson, Zizi Design and Jeny Tjahyawati. There were also perfomance from Liza Aziz and Dato' Syed Sobrie. As you can see, instead of models, there are also celebrities did the fashion runway. They are Linda and Diana Rafar, Iqram Dinzly, Fizo Omar and many more. But, I did not have chance to take some pictures with them. Next time maybe?? ;)

Honestly said, I really had a great time in this IFF. I learned on how I can style with my clothes and hijab as a muslim woman. I really hope that I can attend this such event next time. And thank you Sunsilk for this opportunity.

Lastly, my picture at Islamic Fashion Festival.. So simple :) Did I wear according to the theme??

Thank you for reading ;)