Free chocolate + RM 2,000 cash = Joy!

Salam and hello people !

There are a lot of things that give us joy in life.

It could be something fun like planning for holidays, laughing over a good joke, not facing traffic jams on the road, or even something as simple as the smiles of your loved ones. And one of the things that everyone loves is… CHOCOLATE!
So when is the best time to grab a bite? During rush hour, when you’re stuck in a jam of course! Cadbury knows how badly we all need to de-stress in times like that, so they’ve come up with an uber cool way to turn our frowns into smiles – introducing the fabulously purple Cadbury Joy Truck!


The Joy Truck goes to congested areas during rush hours to give out free chocolate to the cranky commuters stuck there!


Guess what, the Joy Truck also entertains you with the real dancers busting a move! Now that’ll put a smile on everyone’s face!

But wait, free Cadbury chocolate and chirpy dancers in the Joy Truck are only the beginning of Cadbury’s mission to spread joy! That’s right, today could be your lucky day because Cadbury is giving out CASH PRIZES too, for two weeks in a row!
How much are we talking about? Check out the prize list below:

1st Prize – RM2,000
2nd Prize – RM1,500
3rd Prize – RM1,000

Hunting down the purple Cadbury Joy Truck without any directions can be very difficult, but fret not as we managed to sneak out the list of locations and appearance times for the Joy Truck!


For more infos and how to participate in this contest, please click here.

Enjoy your joyful days!!

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