Missha *The Style Two-In-One Gel Liner


Salam and hello people. Just a short update about this product form Missha. How I really fell in love with these!! OMG :)

Perfect Gel Type Eyeliner to Create Sexy Cat eyes 
Waterproof Colour Gel Type Eyeliner
It Creates clear eye lines through Double Gelling System, leaving soft feeling

Easy To Draw
It helps to draw clean and clear line along the eyelid with its high blackness

Free from Smudging!

1) Harmony of clear deep eyeliner color and under-eyeliner color with gorgeous 3D pearls
Dark deep liner color makes your eyes deeper and more vivid while under-eyeliner color makes your beauty line around eyes, making your eyes gorgeous with solid look.

2) Soft touch and perfect fitting
With creamy texture, it slides on the dehydrated eyes without irritations to create sleek and clear eyelines. It is easy to control thickness and shape of eyeline.
* After applied, it fits perfectly and provides a long-lasting benefit without feathering or smudge.

3) Powerful waterproof benefit
It creates clear eyeline even against water with a power-waterproof benefit and enables you to keep long-lasting eyelines in waterside. 

Grape Seed Oil
It helps sensitive eye area relieve

Longer Lasting Powder
It absorbs sebum and oil and it keeps your eye makeup clean against water and sweat with its water proof property.

How To Use
Trace a line along the eyelid as if filling the inner edge of eyelid with eyeliner brush.

I am looking forward for #02 Cacao Star shade. Want to make a try and also review. See you soon. 

With love,

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