O'slee Clear Spa Sleeping Mask.

Salam and hello people. 

Sorry for the hiatus. Today I want to review one of the products that I have received from OnlyBeauty, that is O'slee Clear Spa Sleeping Mask. 

What the product says :
  1. Purifying : Botanic Clarifying Complex purifies skin and neutralizes skin toxins, making the skin more absorbent.
  2. Hydrating : Spa Moisturizing Factor (SMF) provides non-stop hydration to skin which enhancing skin revitalizing action overnight.
  3. Relaxing : The natural scent of rose helps realize relaxation and nice sleep. And skin becomes receptive to nutrients and moisture from skincare products.
  4. Anti-Oxidant : Newly added Licorice Extract and Vitamin E avoid skin from oxidation and provide skin with extra moisture overnight. 
 My thought :
Well, the is the first time I'm using this kind of product. It has a very nice smell, like rose-scent , so it is good to me when using before go to sleep. So, relaxing.  It looks like blue-gel coloured and for me it is sticky and mess, and make me uncomfortable when apply it. It dried very fast after I put it on my face. So, I just apply just small amount of the gel. Sometimes, I apply this mask not only before doing bed, but also when I am reading and watching Running Man However, this sleeping mask is really effective in moisturizing and hydrating my face.  It really make my face feel so smooth and supple after using it. It also easy to me to wash off the mask.  After one night used, the next morning my face looked amazing. Plus, this sleeping mask also acted like cooling agent. Feeling winter in summer. So, I am happy with it.
My overall rating :
Lots of love,

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