A wishlist for Christmas with Santa Hermo.


Salam and hello people.

I don't notice how fast time flies. Who knows, it is already December.  Being a second semester student really make me so tired. 24 hours exactly is not enough. I cant do whatever I want, and also, attend the events organized by my lovely ButterflyMalaysia. Plus, getting stressed in my foreign language classes for the whole week. Arghh!!!  

But, now I think I know what will bring back my happiness.. Haha.. I am really excited to see this December Project by Butterfly collaborated with Hermo Malaysia. Why?? They want to grant lucky bloggers wishes come true this Christmas!yeppiiii... so, this time I wanna try my luck. who knows, Santa Hermo will hear my wish.. (Dear Santa Hermo, please notice me)

After scrolling up and down at Hermo.my, finally I come with this super product which I really want to have. It from Laneige. I think, all of us already know about this brand and I dont need to explain further about this. There are many positive reviews regarding to these products... This make really want to own them by myself.. Thanks to Hermo because they selling not only Laneige's products but also others Korean brand. Because I really love products from there... Thumbs up... 



Product infos :
Brand : Laneige
Product : Laneige Pore Minimizing Pack 100 ml
Effect : Smoothing, tightening pores
Suitable for : All skin types
Made in : Korea


Like others girls, I also want to look gorgeous, beautiful and be confident with my smooth and glowing skin during the celebration. I also adore the natural beauty of Laneige ambassador, Song Hye Kyo. I want to be pretty like her. I want to have perfect skin like her too.  Since I got enrolled to university, I did not really take care of my skin due to my busyness, and schedule... Therefore, sometimes I lacked of confident. Arghhh!!! So, I think this product is my solution. It contains Mineral-tox TM to purify skin, absorb excess sebum & remove dead cells. Infused with Pore Purifying Complex to eliminate toxins & impurities around pores.


So, Dear Santa Hermo, I really hope that you will bring back my happiness... >.< 
I wish to have the perfect time in this month!!

How To Join? 

 1. Visit Hermo.com.my to see what you can buy for RM80!
2. Create your Christmas Wish List and linked the products so Santa Hermo knows what you're wishing for. It's up to you how you want to do this :)
3. To get Santa Hermo's attention, talk about Hermo's Christmas promotion on your blog! e.g share the Christmas poster :) your potential "admirers" might find it useful to start shopping for u *hahaha*.


Hey, there more excitement waiting for you guys at Hermo.my
*Worthy Gift Card
*Spin and Win
*Christmas Gift Set 
*many moreeeee
Dont forget to visit their website soon. Then, you will know what I am talking about. Hurry up because there will be also limited edition that will be selling fast.  

A big thanks to :

Hermo website : http://www.hermo.my/

Butterfly Project website : http://www.butterflyprojectmalaysia.com

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