Bring out your skin’s inner beauty with Dettol Radiance

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Everyday our skin is robbed of its health and vitality by dirt and grease from pollution and perspiration that comes with hectic city living. All these can contribute to skin pigmentation, early signs of aging and skin that appears dull, tired and unhealthy. So, today
I want to review one of my favourite body wash, Dettol Radiance. 

About Dettol
Dettol has been a trusted antiseptic brand since 1932 and as the world's leading brand of antiseptics and a trusted champion of family health, Dettol products offer a high standard of germ kill and are recommended by healthcare professionals for their proven ability to keep families healthy. The brand has stayed contemporary through the launch of new products and offered consumers a breadth of products across categories that can help protect them from germs. These include bar soaps, hand sanitizers, liquid hand washes, shower gels and antibacterial wet wipes.

**Dettol Radiance works by removing germs and impurities that cause dull skin and replenishing nourishment to skin to reveal its inner radiance, making it glow with health. Formulated with a unique blend of Vitamins C and B3, it keeps the skin rejuvenated, bright, smooth and hydrated for longer periods after each use. Vitamin C is often lauded as the perfect antioxidant to ensure healthy, supple skin while Vitamin B3 has long been regarded as the secret behind younger and firmer skin. Additionally, Dettol Radiance also contains Glycerine (5 times more moisturisers*), a powerful moisturiser that hydrates skin to combat or prevent dryness, and retains moisture in skin for longer suppleness.

My opinion :

It has very unique fragrance and I very love it. I don't know how to describe the scent. Something like flower scent.
It doesn't cause any irritation, suitable for sensitive skin also.
Lather and foam up very well, easy to apply over the body. 
Cleanse well and feel moisturize after bath.
Helps to remove impurities and other dirt. 
Not dried my skin after used although it is anti-bacterial body wash.

Overall I really love this body wash. (and even my mother)

Reveal your skin’s inner glow today with Dettol Radiance and bid dry, dull skin goodbye.  Here’s to healthier, more hydrated and germ-free skin! All Dettol products are dermatologically-tested and are proven to be kind to skin.

Dettol Radiance Body Wash is now available in 250 ml, 625 ml and 950 ml bottles at all major pharmacies, super markets and hypermarkets nationwide, from RM8.50 to RM21.90.

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  1. hello thanks for adding me in fb..first time reading ur blog!!nice blog!! as far as i remember dettol shower gel smell like medicine...but this has flower scent and I love it...wish to try them!!

    do visit my blog

  2. Hye Cindy.

    Yes, this time dettol shower gel has flower scent. I really love it. You should have a try.


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