My 2014 Resolutions

Salam and hello people!!

Happy New Year everyone, especially to my readers. 
Yeah, today is the first day in the new year. It will be a new day for great things. And it also a best day 
to write up my 2014 Resolution. 

So, here are some of my 2014 resolution. I will try to achieve at least half. InshaAllah. :)
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1.  Study Hard
For now, I am doing my preparation year in UNIKL for one year. Then, I will continue my study oversea.  
I hope that I get excellence result to further my study. 

2. Own good camera.
I do own camera not I need the better quality one. When I did reviews or went for events, it cause a problem that is my pictures are not beautiful and not clear. Sometimes, it looked ugly than real. Coz, I know, pictures speak better than words.

3. Take care of my blog
I love my blog and also my readers. So, I promise that, 
I will write pretty posts with pretty pictures for you.

4. Learn new languages.
Language skills are always an added plus. 
I want to learn Korean, Japanese, French and Chinese languages.

5. Stay positive
Need to think positive in whatever comes in my life.
Remember, everything happened for a reasons and there is a lesson to be learn from it. 

6. Read books
I always busy with my studies and sometimes dont have time to read. Plus, I have plenty books that I have never read. For me, it really wasting my money because all the books I 
bought by myself. So, I will find time to read as I know reading is a key to success. 

7. Organize giveaway
I want to give something for my readers as my token of appreciation. So, stay tuned and keep reading my blog. I will organize a giveaway soon. I know, everyone loves surprise.

8. Play netball
I fall in love with netball since I was 9 years old. So, I hope this year I also can join 
more competition and tournament and make proud of my university. 

9. Be Brave and Confident
I am shy people to the people I don't know. So, it will be a big problem to be when attending events and need to communicate to the people that I don't know. I really need time to fix this.

10. Learn music intruments.
I think it is cool when someone can play with any musical instruments. And, I also want to be cool. Haha. Well, I want to learn to play guitar. Plus, I already found the teacher. So, wait for my
concert yaa!!

11. Travel
I already have plan where to go this year. May Allah ease everything. And, I will blog about it. :)

12. Make my parents proud.
They are the most important people in my life. To see they smile and happy are my dream.
This year, I will make sure they are proud of me. *wink wink.

May this New year Brings you everlasting happiness and peace, success in whatever you do, prosperity to you and your family, fills your life with joy and fun. 
Happy New Year.



  1. Hi Aishah! hehe... awesome resolution! keep to it and never give up ok! wah Unikl student? hehe... Im graduating from there! ;)

    1. Hi Sab!
      Thanks. I will keep do it never give up!!
      Yes, I am UNIKL student. ;)


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