Magnum Cafe Midvalley

Hello and hi there !

I have been craving this ice cream for a long time. Yeah, I know it just a normal ice cream, but with all the toppings and decorations, they turned tihs normal ice cream to something different.
Yesterday, I went to Midvalley just to enjoy this ice cream. There are two floors, upper one for desserts and the down one for ice cream. At first I decided to try their desserts, but as for the first time, i should try the ice cream one.

Here, we can decorate our own ice cream, from the coating until the toppings. But, I am too lazy. So, I just picked from the choices they provided. I picked COOKIE MONSTER. I not really remember, what are the toppings but it is very delicious. No kidding, I reted 4/5 for this. And also, I was provided with plain water. Actually all the customers get one. It is very good idea because after eat sweet things we need to drink water.

Finally, I get to try this ice cream. I want to try the others one. Soon. And of course, their dessert.

So, how about you? Have you tried?
Whats your favourite? Share with me ?

Thanks for reading. :)