KLFW16 : Diana Rikasari

hello people,

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I really love all her collection. So funky, cheerful and beautiful.
"Dreams do come true, even when they are so random and wild. I've always thought about having a clothing line but never thought it was ever going to come true, moreover given the opportunity to make its debut in such a grand event abroad. And it did. Schmiley Mo is my tribute to girls out there who believe that fashion should be fun and easy but at the same timemodest. Yes, the word "Mo" is actually derived from the word "modesty" because I believe inless-skin is more.

Anyway, my first experience backstage was pretty frightening hehe. I even asked the stage choreographer, "can I hug you?", to which she allowed me to hehehehehhe. But I am happyyyyy because I learned so much! My models were also very kind, so that was helpful. And hey, Tutifrom Asia's Next Top Model walked for Schmiley Mo too! OMG! #fangirling" - Diana Rikasari <3

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